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Morpha Girl

A Collection of Female Superhero Stories

Girls are under-represented when it comes to superhero movies, stories, toys and other merchandise. This group of seventeen authors decided to do something about with this second volume of the SuperHERo Tales anthology. Within these pages, you will find stories of female superheroes to enchant and delight. You will read all about their powers and their masked identities and then get to read a short story which is, basically, a scene that gives you insight into who they are or who they will become. You’ll find action, adventure, magic and betrayal. You’ll find everyday female heroes, as well as super-powered heroines and devious villains. From friendly encounters to government conspiracies, 21 superheroes (some completely new and some with their stories continued from Volume One), all FEMALE superheroes, can be found represented in these stories, with illustrations by six different artists. Edited by Rebecca Fyfe. Foreword written by Lisa McLeod. Cover art by Julia Lela Stilchen. A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to the Because I am a Girl organization.

Copyright © 2019 Julia Stilchen

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