Little Astronomer: Once Upon a Sun
(Kid Lit Science Bk 2)

Written and illustrated by Julia Stilchen

Ages: 6 - 10

Paperback: 63 pages

Published: January 8, 2019

ISBN-10: 0578438194

ISBN-13: 978-0578438194

Little Astronomer books aim to encourage children to learn about Astronomy and our place in the Solar System and the Universe. 

From the Kid Lit Science Book series comes Once upon a Sun (book 2). The Sun, illustrated as an anthropomorphous character, shares his side of the story about his origins and his journey emerging from a Stellar Nebula to becoming the star he is today. Illustrations include kid-friendly concepts of how our Sun makes energy and takes care of our Solar System. 

Kids are sure to enjoy learning about our Sun through fun facts delivered with humor throughout the colorful pages. Included is a full cast of the rocky planets, gas giants, dwarf planets and Comet from the previous book. 

Kid Lit Science books approach early learning by combining kawaii (cute) versions of the celestial objects with comic-style graphics, and humor to present educational facts in a fun way. It makes a great addition to learning in the classroom and at home.

Book Trailer

Copyright © 2019 Julia Stilchen

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