Julia has been writing stories since the age of twelve. She spent much of her time drawing character designs, writing character profiles, developing story backgrounds and worldbuilding.


As a child, she was a reluctant reader having speech and language delay. She'd often daydream in school, imagining far off places and worlds. Her favorite books were illustrated books with unicorns, fairies and fairy tales.


Being a military brat, she traveled around the world, having to move often. This exposed her to other cultures. While living in Germany, she noticed Santa Claus wore an entirely different garment and went by St. Nicholas. It was then she realized something suspicious was going on. Living in Germany had many early influences: the castles, countryside, markets, her love for music, her first musical keyboard, fairytales, and the dark forest.


Even though it was always her dream to become a writer, she pursued Computer Animation and Graphic Design while taking a creative writing and scriptwriting class on the side. It wasn't until 2008 that she took her writing seriously and furthered her study in the craft of writing. She's written and illustrated several children's books and several of her short story pieces were published.


She continues to write in various genres and is working on several writing projects. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family.




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